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BIOVOX Biokunststoffe - Medical Grade, Laboratory Grade, Food Grade

Bioplastics for a future worth living
Medical Grade, Laboratory Grade, Food Grade

30.11.2022 Hessischer Innovationskongress
Wiesbaden, Rhein-Main Convention Center
Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe
BIOVOX MedEco Biocompounds

You have highest standards when it comes to plastics?

With BIOVOX bioplastics, you can now use raw materials in demanding applications that are naturally renewable, fully degradable and recyclable. Tailored functionalization offers you added value and competitive advantages. This benefits health and the environment. And this is how you make your health care, lab and food production products sustainably economical. Safe bioplastics according to ISO 13485 and ISO 10993.


Developing sustainable products is a complex task, especially when it is done for a highly regulated environment.

Our team brings know-how from plastics technology, medical technology, life cycle assessment (LCA) and product development. Thus, we support you from the initial idea to market monitoring. And where our core competencies end, we can draw on a broad network from the fields of research and healthcare - from contract processors to university hospitals.

Together we develop your application to holistic sustainability.

Die BIOVOX-Gründer Vinzenz, Carmen und Julian
The founders of BIOVOX.
Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe
Lebenszyklus Kunststoffe


BIOVOX bioplastic compounds made from renewable raw materials save up to 70% carbon compared to fossil plastics. As long as the plastic remains in the technosphere, it serves as a carbon sink. 

When the renewable materials are incinerated, little or no fossil carbon is released into the atmosphere. Our raw materials are produced under Bon Sucro or ISCC+ certification.

To improve this even further, we are working with partners on recycling systems that will make the material cycle even shorter and the CO2 balance even better in the medium term. Depending on your requirements, you can rely on chemical recycling or mechanical recycling with us.

Many of our materials are also biodegradable. This helps prevent persistent microplastic emissions. In non-degradable, conventional plastics, these particles damage the environment over a very long time and also enter the human organism. On average, we consume as much plastic with our food as there is in a credit card - every week.


Let’s #RethinkPlastic

Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe

Which application may we assist you with?

Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe

What are BIOVOX bioplastics in the first place?

Our experts explain this and much more in the BioWiki!



BIOVOX Biokunststoff Compounds

Medizin&Technik magazine interview with Julian Lotz about biobased solutions for many plastic problems.

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BIOVOX Biokunststoff Lösungen

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Julian explains BIOVOX's mission and the benefits of bioplastics in an interview with StartUp Valley Portal.

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BIOVOX is a growing company creating materials and products for a clean and sustainable world.

For this journey we need partners - investors as well as team members that share our dedication and beliefs.

Let's find out if we fit together.

Switch to bioplastics now with BIOVOX!


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