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BIOVOX functional bioplastics

Naturally renewable bioplastics
For a healthy planet & a clean future

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BIOVOX antimicrobial bioplastics pellets

You have the highest standards when it comes to your materials?

With BIOVOX bioplastics, you can now use raw materials that are naturally renewable, fully degradable and recyclable in complex applications. Tailored functionalization brings you added value and competitive advantages. This benefits health and the environment. And this is how you make your health care, lab and food production products sustainably economical. Safe according to ISO 13485 and 10993.

Together we develop your application to holistic sustainability.

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Which application may we assist you with?

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Naturally strong

Biokunststoff Compounds bunt
Biokunststoff Filament

BIOVOX develops high-quality bioplastic compounds. For injection molding, extrusion processes and 3D printing. With strong properties: The material can be modified for high barrier effectiveness against oxygen or water vapor, for example. Alternatively, the material can be combined to release bioactive substances selectively over a longer period of time.

At the same time, they are environmentally friendly: bio-based, microplastic-free, biodegradable and emit less CO2.

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Environmentally friendly

Made from renewable raw materials, our bioplastic compounds reduce CO2 emissions compared to fossil plastics.

Many of our materials are also biodegradable. This makes them environmentally friendly and solves the problem of microplastics, which are created by friction and wear or disposal in nature.

In the case of non-degradable, conventional plastics, these particles damage the environment for centuries and also enter the human organism. On average, we consume as much plastic in our food as there is in a credit card - every week.

The microparticles of BIOVOX biodegradable plastics degrade naturally within just a few months. Depending on the base polymer, we offer OK home compostable plastics or compounds that are industrially compostable according to EN 13432.


BIOVOX materials optionally come with an metal ion free antimicrobial additve. They are effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and many viruses. This protects them from decomposition - and users from infections. Antimicrobial composites are ideally suited for medical products and food handling, but also for everyday objects.

Our antimicrobial additive not only protects material and users, but also the environment. Unlike conventional antimicrobial agents such as silver nanoparticles or copper, it does not accumulate in the environment. In most ecosystems, it degrades naturally over time.

Biocompatibility and food safety are key characteristics for the use in food and medical industries.

Switch to bioplastics now with BIOVOX!


Does bioplastic compete with food?

Biobased plastics are produced from plants. These require land for cultivation. At the same time, a growing world population wants to be supplied with food. Are these land requirements in competition with each other? That's what this article is about!

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"We believe that the use of sustainable materials is essential for a viable future. That's why we want to enable you to transform your products now. With our bioplastics made from renewable raw materials."


BIOVOX is a growing company creating materials and products for a clean and sustainable world.

For this journey we need partners - investors as well as team members that share our dedication and beliefs.

Let's find out if we fit together.


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