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Clean hygiene & washroom products & cosmetic packaging

Bioplastics for hygiene products

Do you want to offer hygienic surfaces in the bathroom, washroom or sanitary technology? Or meet future regulatory requirements with microplastic-free hygiene products and a low carbon footprint?

With BIOVOX you use renewable raw materials to reduce your CO2 footprint and avoid microplastic emissions. With sustainable additives, we adapt our plastics to your needs.

This is how you put yourself at the forefront of sustainable, functional hygiene products.

In a nutshell

Safe and sustainable bioplastics for hygiene products, packaging and the bathroom - is that possible?

Why bioplastics?

Kompostierbare BIOVOX Biokunststoff-Flasche

In cosmetics packaging, bioplastics have two advantages: They reduce the environmental impact of the packaging, and they can be used for branding and differentiation from the competition.

Together with our partner Corpack you will get the most sustainable solution for packaging your cosmetics.

And with BIOVOX Regiogradable bioplastics, you also get entirely new design possibilities. Use your own residual materials from your production and tell a unique story with the packaging.

Biodegradable nonwovens,Nonwovens, filaments and injection molded parts for hygiene products can now be produced sustainably.

With BIOVOX plastics, the climate footprint of many hygiene products can be significantly reduced. Biodegradability of the products in the environment is also possible. This means that discarded masks do not cause persistent microplastics.

Another advantage is that our materials can be decomposed by the body. This is important when particles are inhaled or swallowed, but also when they come into contact with mucous membranes.

Containers for detergents, manufactured by blow molding and also films or injection molded tools - with renewable raw materials you reduce their CO2 footprint sustainably. You can even make them compostable!

With the suitable additives and coatings, we can provide strong gas and water vapor barriers.

And if there is a risk of packaging or products ending up in the environment: biodegradation without he release of persistent microplastic is possible. With BIOVOX.

Towel holders, toilet paper roll holders, soap dispensers and trash cans: all these products can be made from renewable bioplastics .

Julian Lotz

You want to find out what is the right material for you?

We find the holistically most sustainable solution in a dialogue with you and your stakeholders.
I look forward to getting to know you and your application!

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What actually is a bioplastic?

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Sustainable Innovation: Bioplastics for Hygiene & Bathroom

With our innovation packages, we take you from the product idea to the implemented manufacturing process - including prototyping!

Innovator's Package

Be the benchmark!
  • All components of the Prototype Package
  • Strategy-, requirements-, development- and review-workshops
  • Individual Regiogradable®
    Compound & Color development
  • pilot series material, 100 kg
  • Project management for certifications inclusive

Protoype Package

A lean switch to bioplastics
  • All components of the Feasibility Package
  • project specific workshop
  • Injection molding or extrusion material close to series production, 100 kg
  • Alternative: 3D printed prototype from materials close to series production
  • Tools and processes consultations

Feasibility Package

Get to know your potential!
  • Materials proposal & benchmarking based on your requirements
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Comparison of environmental effects
  • Certifications & marketing
    strategy proposal
  • Serialization checklist

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