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Medical Grade Bioplastics

With MedEco Medical Grade Bioplastics, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your medical products and packaging to a minimum. MedEco is suitable for all processing methods.

This is how you become the circular economy and climate champion!


CO2e reduction compared to

PP (Polypropylene)

0 %

HDPE (Polyethylene)

0 %

PC (Polycarbonate)

0 %

ABS (Acryl-But.-Styr.)

0 %
Calculate CO2 savings potential easily online with our
Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe

Technical Data

"The art of compounding is to adjust the properties of the plastic to suit the application. We can do that for your products!"
Vinzenz Nienhaus
Vinzenz Nienhaus
Dr.-Ing., CTO of BIOVOX

The direct comparison of technical characteristics between fossil plastics and bioplastics gives an indication, but should not be the basis for decision-making. We adapt plastics to your requirements by clever blends and additives in a wide range of areas.


On request, our MedEco compounds are also available with broadband antimicrobial effect - metal-free and biocompatible.

Don't give bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses a chance.

BIOVOX Biokunststoff Compounds


I take a close look at your material-related carbon footprint and propose a material & disposal concept that really works sustainably.
Carmen Rommel
COO, Expert for sustainability & LCA

We are continuously improving the environmental footprint of our plastics.

In doing so, we pay attention to much more than just the carbon footprint. And to ensure that your marketing communicates this correctly, we support you in sustainability communication.

You will receive scientifically proven statements on the environmental effect with your MedEco bioplastic compound!


The possibilities to save CO2 and implement circular economy with MedEco Medical Grade bioplastics are almost endless. MedEco compounds also act as a sterile barrier!

We offer compounds for injection molding, profile & film extrusion and blow molding. From them you can make many products, such as:

Medical Grade Kunststoffe zum Blasformen

If you want to delve deep into the world of bioplastics, we recommend our BE GREEN compendium, the overview knowledge on bioplastics, regulation, quality and technical properties.

Download: The BIOVOX Compendium BE GREEN.

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