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Medical Grade Bioplastics
Less CO2 with certified safety 

Bioplastics for health care & laboratory

Are you a manufacturer of consumer goods in the healthcare sector or for laboratories? Or do you manufacture high-quality medical products with plastic components? You expect maximum safety and absolutely consistent material quality. In other words, a medical grade bioplastic.

With BIOVOX, you use renewable raw materials to reduce your carbon footprint and to prevent persistent microplastic emissions. This is your contribution for the change towards more circular economy in lab and hospital.

And all this can be done without compromising on safety. That's why you can get bioplastics from us with compliance to ISO 13485 and ISO 10993.


Safe and sustainable bioplastics for hospital, medical practice & laboratory - is it possible?

Why Medical Grade Bioplastics?

Pinkes Dreieck

ISO 10993 and ISO 13485 BioplasticsThe approval of your medical device also depends on the material used. A disposable surgical tray has different requirements than an inhaler or endoscope.

We offer bioplastic systems, that are tested according to ISO 10993 to suit your use case. Up to full biocompatibility.

At BIOVOX, we speak your language, we know the Medical Devices Directive and we provide you with all the information your Notified Body needs.

Sustainability in the medical sector is this simple!

More performance in medical grade bioplastic for medicine and laboratory:

If requested, we can also offer you effective protection against bacteria, molds, yeasts and enveloped viruses. So that your products further reduce patient and user risk.

Our metal free additive is non-persistent and based on biopolymers, making it the agent of choice for bio-based, sustainable materials.

Our bioplastic compounds for medical technology are adaptable to your manufacturing processes and products.

We offer compounds for injection molding, extrusion, but also for spinning nonwovens and for 3D printing. We adapt stiffness, toughness, fire protection and more to your needs.

ISO 10993 and ISO 13485 BioplasticsQuality and safety are the top priorities in healthcare. BIOVOX is in the process of certification for our ISO 13485 quality management system, which means that we meet all the requirements relevant to healthcare and save you the time-consuming supplier qualification process.

You want to know more? Our MDR and QM expert Maria Heckel is ready for your questions!


ChemicalsDo you need high-purity materials in the laboratory or for Class II or III medical devices?

No problem, we provide you with high purity biopolymers and bioplastics, strictly monitored and consistent.

Julian Lotz Kontakt Biokunststoffe für Medizintechnik und Labor

You want to find out what is the right material for you?

We find the holistically most sustainable solution in a dialogue with you and your stakeholders.
I look forward to getting to know you and your application!

What actually is a bioplastic?

Read now in the #BioWiki >> .


With our innovation packages, we take you from the idea to the implemented manufacturing process - including prototyping!

Innovator's Package

Be the benchmark!
  • All components of the Prototype Package
  • Strategy-, requirements-, development- and review-workshops
  • Individual Regiogradable®
    Compound & Color development
  • pilot series material, 100 kg
  • Project management for certifications inclusive

Protoype Package

A lean switch to bioplastics
  • All components of the Feasibility Package
  • project specific workshop
  • Injection molding or extrusion material close to series production, 100 kg
  • Alternative: 3D printed prototype from materials close to series production
  • Tools and processes consultations

Feasibility Package

Get to know your potential!
  • Materials proposal & benchmarking based on your requirements
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Comparison of environmental effects
  • Certifications & marketing
    strategy proposal
  • Serialization checklist

Switch to bioplastics


If you are interested in our products and services or have any open questions, feel free to write to us or arrange an appointment.

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