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Biobased functional materials
For a healthy planet & a clean tomorrow

"We believe that the use of regrowable resources and fully degradable materials is essential to create sustainable products in demanding applications."

BIOVOX antimicrobial bioplastics pellets

BIOVOX engineers new bioplastic compounds that have increased functionalities. These are such as inherent antimicrobial effects, barrier effects against oxygen and steam or carrying bioactive substances. They are earth-friendly at the same time: Biobased, microplastic free, biodegradable and carbon neutral.

We provide the materials to make your product sustainably better.


Biodegradable, functionalized plastics will unleash potentials that we need for better products & more sustainability the same time. 

Our antimicrobial additive is biodegradable in most ecosystems and does not accumulate – unlike common antimicrobials like nano silver or copper. 

Or have a look at today’s tribosystems with plastic parts – microplastic is generated and pollutes ecosystems drastically. On average, we all consume the equivalent of a credit card of plastic with our food – every week. With our biodegradable materials we reduce the lifespan of microplastic from centuries to months.

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Our material can be modified to be inherently antimicrobial – it does not wear off if you touch a surface frequently or have friction between parts. This saves basically all of your maintenance costs compared to antimicrobial coatings. Perfectly suitable for heavily stressed surfaces.

The material is home compostable – it does not need industrial composting conditions. No microplastic will accumulate in nature or our bodies. If a product might end up in the environment – our material is the right one.

Biocompatibility and food safety are key characteristics for the use in food and medical industries.


Products & Services

We create sustainable materials for 3D printing and injection molding. Our speciality are functional materials, like our antimicrobial bioplastic. The effect against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and many viruses is based on a biopolymer which is fully degradable, in contrast to silver or copper.

BIOVOX supports you in your product development. Besides creating your perfect bio-compound for demanding applications, we can 3D print your prototype with the final injection molding material.

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BIOVOX is growing to  creating materials and products for a clean and sustainable world.

For this journey we need partners – investors as well as team members that share our dedication and beliefs.

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