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MedEco Soft XYI

The bioplastic for compliant to medium-stiff extrusion components with increased impact strength.

Technical characteristics

Process characteristics

Sustainability aspects

Medical Grade Biokunststoff Granulat


Our MedEco Soft XYI is ideal for applications that require a resilient, heat-resistant and impact-resistant material.

CO2e reduction compared to


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Scope: CO2 savings potential for the compound in cradle-to-gate.
Concrete results depend on other factors such as product geometry and processing technology.

We are happy to calculate the potential for your application.

Vinzenz Nienhaus
Dr.-Ing. Vinzenz Nienhaus
Products & Processes

“Our MedEco Soft XYI is impact resistant, transparent and easy to break. Just right for particularly robust foil bags and soft hoses.”

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