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You want to replace fossil plastics with bioplastics, but don't know, which material is the right one?
No worries!

Development Services

We've developed service bundles which meet the needs of many customers, who switch to biobased materials.

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Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe

Innovator's Package

Be the benchmark!
  • All components of the Prototype Package
  • Strategy-, requirements-, development- and review-workshops
  • Individual Regiogradable®
    Compound & Color development
  • pilot series material, 100 kg
  • Project management for certifications inclusive

Protoype Package

A lean switch to bioplastics
  • All components of the Feasibility Package
  • project specific workshop
  • Injection molding or extrusion material close to series production, 100 kg
  • Alternative: 3D printed prototype from materials close to series production
  • Tools and processes consultations

Feasibility Package

Get to know your potential!
  • Materials proposal & benchmarking based on your requirements
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Comparison of environmental effects
  • Certifications & marketing
    strategy proposal
  • Serialization checklist
Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe