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BIOVOX bioplastics

Food safe and eco friendly
Pure bioplastics for food contact

Food grade bioplastics

Sustainable production materials are a big issue in the food sector as well. With our, optionally antimicrobial, bioplastics you can keep your production means hygienically clean. Biobased materials are minimizing your carbon footprint.

Our Regiogradable plastics enable you to use your own production residues in packaging applications. Compliant with food safety regulations.

With our home-compostable material system with effective barrier properties you can have eco-friendly, microplastic free bottles.

Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe

In a nutshell

Sustainable plastics in food production - what is important and what is possible?

Calculate CO2 savings potential easily online with our

Why bioplastics?

Medcial Grade Biokunststoffe

Antimicrobial bioplastics help you to keep machines and tools clean. Effective against mold, yeast and bacteria, your production remains clean and hygienic.

MikroplastikMicroplastics from non-biodegradable plastics can accumulate in water, soil and living organisms. BIOVOX compounds made from biodegradable plastics ensure that no persistent microplastics are produced.

Suitable for your application, we use polymers that degrade to CO2 and water even under uncontrolled conditions or in the body and do not release toxic substances.

Set an example for more sustainability. Our plastics have a remarkably small carbon footprint. And if you work with food, we can often even use your own production waste to become even more climate-friendly. For this purpose, we have developed our Regiogradables which are also available in food-safe versions.

Biokunststoffe KompostierenPackaging and auxiliary materials that can be composted industrially or at home relieve the environment in regions where waste disposal is not yet optimally developed.

Suitable certified color batches provide color without endangering soil or water during composting.

Julian Lotz

You want to find out what is the right material for you?

We find the holistically most sustainable solution in a dialogue with you and your stakeholders.
I look forward to getting to know you and your application!

What actually is a bioplastic?

Read now in the #BioWiki >> .

Sustainable Innovation: Bioplastics for Food Contact

With our innovation packages, we take you from the product idea to the implemented manufacturing process - including prototyping!

Innovator's Package

Be the benchmark!
  • All components of the Prototype Package
  • Strategy-, requirements-, development- and review-workshops
  • Individual Regiogradable®
    Compound & Color development
  • pilot series material, 100 kg
  • Project management for certifications inclusive

Protoype Package

A lean switch to bioplastics
  • All components of the Feasibility Package
  • project specific workshop
  • Injection molding or extrusion material close to series production, 100 kg
  • Alternative: 3D printed prototype from materials close to series production
  • Tools and processes consultations

Feasibility Package

Get to know your potential!
  • Materials proposal & benchmarking based on your requirements
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Comparison of environmental effects
  • Certifications & marketing
    strategy proposal
  • Serialization checklist

Switch to bioplastics


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